Renovating a Ranch

It was two long years searching for the perfect land where I could create a memorable place that friends and family could come together. My plan was to build from the ground up a gathering/lodge area with 6-8 tiny homes that would give guests their own private space. I looked every weekend with friends and family and after another long weekend, I had one last place to look. It was a ranch on almost 10 acres on the Verde river in Cottonwood, Arizona. It sounded okay but so did so many of the other properties I looked at. My friends pushed me to go and when we first located the land I wasn’t that impressed. As I drove down the dilapidated road into an oasis I couldn’t believe all the different types trees I was seeing and two beautiful homes made out of stone. It was a bit overgrown but I was also a bit more intrigued. As we walked around I could envision exactly how I could renovate the two homes into a main and guest house, the barn for indoor weddings and the outdoor workshop space for events/classes. The property provided another 2 acres that I could utilize for my tiny homes and the additional land by the river allowed for another private retreat area

It has now been 2 years since I purchase the property so I thought I would share my renovation journey. The main and guest house have been renovated and have been renting out for the past year and a half with great success! The ranch will continue to improve with an indoor workshop and kitchen, four tiny homes and a completely renovated barn for indoor events. We will also have 4 acres of grass with additional parking and a nice retreat area down by the Verde river that can be enjoyed all year long. We hope you enjoy the journey!

First thing I had to focus on was the entrance to the ranch. When I bought the place you needed a 4×4 vehicle to enter the property and now thanks to Al my grader in Cottonwood, AZ, any type of car has a smooth ride entering the ranch.
My mother gifted the ranch with its very own entrance sign with my logo

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